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King's Disease Cured (Vocals Only)

1) Intro

2) King's Disease (freestyle vocals)

3) Blue Benz (freestyle vocals)

4) Car #85 (freestyle vocals)

5) Ultra Black (freestyle vocals)

6) 27 Summers (freestyle vocals)

7) Replace Me (freestyle vocals)

8) Till The War Is Won (freestyle vocals)

9) All Bad (freestyle vocals)

10) The Definition (freestyle vocals)

11) Full Circle (freestyle vocals)

12) 10 Points (freestyle vocals)

13) The Curse (freestyle vocals)

14) Spicy (freestyle vocals)

15) Peace King (freestyle vocals)

16) I'm Not Black (freestyle vocals)

17) They Are Laughing At You (freestyle vocals)

18) Outro (Very Important)

Direction For The Rest Of The Year 2020

Hello Everybody,For the rest of this year I'll be shifting my focus away from podcasting and devote my attention to creating and publishing Music, Fiction Books, Non - Fiction Books, and Comic Books.
I will use this site primarily to keep you informed when anything new is published. So make sure you Subscribe.
- Alfred.