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Direction For The Rest Of The Year 2020

 Hello Everybody,

For the rest of this year I'll be shifting my focus away from podcasting and devote my attention to creating and publishing Music, Fiction Books, Non - Fiction Books, and Comic Books.

I will use this site primarily to keep you informed when anything new is published. So make sure you Subscribe.

- Alfred.

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Welcome To My Personal Site

Hello Everybody,I'm Alfred. I'll like to welcome you to my personal site. Kindly subscribe to follow me on my journey with God.
- Alfred.

Quarantine (Acapella Version) : Rap Music Album By Alfred

1) Intro

2) Face Mask Police (Acapella)

3) The Drug Which Must Not Be Named (Acapella)

4) Vaccines (Acapella)

5) Covid Immune Riots (Acapella)

6) China Town & Travel Bans (Acapella)

7) A World Under House Arrest (Acapella)

8) Grow Your Own Food (Acapella)

9) Quarantine Romance (Acapella)

10) No Church Allowed, Riots Only (Acapella)

11) Big Corporations Open, Small Businesses Closed (Acapella)

12) NPC (Acapella)

13) Sleepy Christians (Acapella)

14) Outro (Very Important)

Changes (Acapella Version) : Rap Music Album By Alfred

Release Date: November 2nd, 2020

1) Intro

2) All Around Me (Acapella)

3) Habitual (Acapella)

4) Come Around Me (Acapella)

5) Intentions (Acapella)

6) Yummy (Acapella)

7) Available (Acapella)

8) Forever (Acapella)

9) Running Over (Acapella)

10) Take It Out On Me (Acapella)

11) Second Emotion (Acapella)

12) Get Me (Acapella)

13) E.T.A. (Acapella)

14) Changes (Acapella)

15) Confirmation (Acapella)

16) That's What Love Is (Acapella)

17) At Least For Now (Acapella)

18) Stuck With You (Acapella)

19) Holy (Acapella)

20) Lonely (Acapella)

21) Outro (Very Important)