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Changes (Acapella Version) : Rap Music Album By Alfred

Release Date: November 2nd, 2020
Changes (Acapella Version) : Rap Music Album By Alfred

1) Intro

2) All Around Me (Acapella)

3) Habitual (Acapella)

4) Come Around Me (Acapella)

5) Intentions (Acapella)

6) Yummy (Acapella)

7) Available (Acapella)

8) Forever (Acapella)

9) Running Over (Acapella)

10) Take It Out On Me (Acapella)

11) Second Emotion (Acapella)

12) Get Me (Acapella)

13) E.T.A. (Acapella)

14) Changes (Acapella)

15) Confirmation (Acapella)

16) That's What Love Is (Acapella)

17) At Least For Now (Acapella)

18) Stuck With You (Acapella)

19) Holy (Acapella)

20) Lonely (Acapella)

21) Outro (Very Important)

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White Christmas (Acapella Version) : Rap Music Album By Alfred

1) Intro 2) God Showed Up This Christmas (Acapella) 3) Take My Hand, Precious Lord (Acapella) 4) White Christmas (Acapella) 5) Ugly Christmas Sweater (Acapella) 6) It Feels Like Christmas (Acapella) 7) Like Everyday Is Christmas Day (Acapella) 8) He Has An Excellent Plan For You (Acapella) 9) Jesus Is The Revelation Of God's Love (Acapella) 10) New Anointing (Acapella) 11) Jesus Sponsors Soul Winners (Acapella) 12) Keep The Rapture In Focus (Acapella) 13) Win Souls This Christmas (Acapella) 14) Outro (Extremely Important) Note: I'm really excited about this. All the verses in this album are 100% freestyles. They weren't written down. However, the Chrouses of all the songs where written down to maintain consistency. This album is a Vocals Only version. It contains only vocals. No beats. It wasn't tinkered with, mastered, or anything. It's just raw vocals. You as a listener can be a participator and make money off this album li